Young Louisiana photographer documents life in Shreveport

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Shreveport, Louisiana (AP) — 24-year-old Jamal Martin uses the Leica M6 to record where he was, who he was with, and what he saw. He switches from film to digital and stills to video with the ease with which the younger generation seems to have been born.

In a recent Instagram post, he wrote: .. “

He admits that his stepfather, Jerome Prince, introduced him to the photo.

When Martin was a kid, Prince took pictures of his family. They gathered to look at the images on their computer and selected some images to print. He noticed that the photographs captured the moments of his life and preserved his memory.

He’s young, still learning techniques and understanding what his voice will be, but Ruston-born and Borger-raised natives know this is the way he connects with people. He shoots in color and black and white, but he feels more connected to the latter. He feels it is more emotional.

Martin says he hasn’t taken a formal photography class yet and prefers his education as an inspiration from other photographers like Gordon Parks.

“I’m not crazy about professors or anyone teaching me a specific way to do my job. I went out into the world and understood my style,” he said. Told.

He uses patience to identify the moments he wants, the moments that happen in the blink of an eye. He approached people and learned to just overcome the fear of being shot. He said, “I don’t want to regret that he couldn’t take a picture when he got home.”

The majority of the people he records are black like him.

“I find it very important. In most cases, the black community gets a bad rap against such drugs and violence, but there are also joys, happiness and beautiful moments.” He said.

He said it was important for him to get people to see the joy of black people.

“I’m black and I grew up as a black man in America, so I’m involved in these scenes and moments … not just taking pictures, I’m deeply involved in these moments,” he said.

Martin’s future dreams include showing his work in a local gallery. Does he want to have his first show at Mini Cine? — A roving, pop-up volunteer-run venue for experimental and independent films and videos in Shreveport — by the end of the year. Meanwhile, he explores the city and keeps recording what he sees.

“I hope people understand that you don’t have to travel far to get a great story or move to a big city. Everything you need is around you. All you have to do is sit down, observe and work with what you have, “Martin said.

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