Zedge Introduces “NFTs Made Easy(SM)”- A Differentiated NFT Offering for Creators and Artists

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Creators are now able to launch a unique video NFT on the Zedge Premium Marketplace

Available for both Android and iOS

Zedge’s “NFTs Made Easy” does not require cryptocurrencies and uses an eco-friendly casting process

Artist casting and gas charges are free! You can buy in local currency without credit check!

New York, NY / Access Wire / December 14, 2021 / Zedge, Inc. (NYSE American: ZDGE) is a global app publisher with a portfolio of leading digital consumer brands serving 43 million users across its portfolio in October 2021 and is today an up-and-coming celebrity. We announced that we will provide even creators. Artist, Ability to create and sell NFTs on the Zedge Premium Marketplace.

Zedge CEO Jonathan Reich said: “We provide artists with the” NFTsMadeEasy “utility, allowing them to compete without deep experience in cryptocurrencies. Instead, the artist can see the NFT options and Zedge by simply uploading the content as they normally would in the Zedge Premium Creator’s Portal. The rest is processed seamlessly from casting to gas charges. In addition, consumers can purchase NFTs using Zedge tokens purchased in their local currency. “

Tim Quirk, Zedge’s SVP of Products, said: “The goal of Zedge Premium is to create an easy-to-use marketplace where artists can access and sell their work to a vast user base. Create living art. We are early adopters and speculators. Instead of focusing on, we focus on needs and features by introducing true rarity into the digital products that creators already sell and making them more valuable in the process. Andy Warhol of the Zedge Premium Marketplace is now able to buy works from the artist for less than $ 1,000. As the value increases over time, you’ll be rewarded for early support. “

Zedge’s “NFTs Made Easy” boasts some unique attributes:

Beneficial for creators -A simple all-in-one platform allows creators and artists to publish, create and sell NFTs at their own expense and receive rewards in local currency at the click of a button. Plus, there are no casting or gas charges!

Easy for consumers -“NFTsMadeEasy” is currency independent and consumers can buy NFTs using Zedge tokens obtained through in-app purchases, so there is no need to set up a crypto wallet to buy cryptocurrencies.

Limited production -At launch, all NFTs will be in one limited edition, allowing buyers to profit when the artist takes off!

Environmentally Friendly -Buying Zedge tokens using in-app purchases instead of cryptocurrencies and eco-friendly minting processes will reduce the environmental impact of Zedge NFT!

“For the future, in early 2022, we will expand availability to more artists, enable additional types of content, and roll out additional features such as limited edition content, drop dates, auctions, and transactions. So, we are planning to start enhancing the NFT platform. We are confident that scaling up the platform with additional features will make this a more attractive value proposition for creators and users, “Reich concludes. ..

About Zedge

Zedge is an app publisher that owns a portfolio of leading digital consumer brands serving 43 million users worldwide in October 2021. Our portfolio consists of Zedge Ringtones and Wallpapers, the leading mobile app used for mobile phone personalization, social content and fandom art. Zedge Premium is a marketplace for artists, celebrities and emerging creators to sell digital content to Zedge users. Emoji, all major sources of emoji. Shortz, a beta mobile entertainment app, focused on short-form storytelling. Zedge monetizes content through advertising-supported offerings, tokens, and subscriptions. For more information, please visit https://www.zedge.net.

Description of future prospects

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